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Drain Hydro Jetting

Rooter Hero Plumbing uses a traditional drain snake, but offers the an optional of upgrade Hydro Jetting (also called Hydro Scrubbing), a far more effective cleaning process which also saves you time.

Once the Hydro Jet is turned on, it actually pulls itself into the pipes. The water pressure from the nozzle propels the jet forward and through the pipe, pushing through debris and clogs at a high speed. Instead of the metal of a traditional drain snake, the Hydro Jet uses high-velocity water to clean and scour the pipe debris. Hydro Jetting is now the industry standard process to clean drain pipes.

Want to see Hydro Jetting in action? Watch the demonstration video to see the Hydro Jet remove a whole raw chicken and cabbage heads from a clogged 4” pipe!

The Power of Water!

Hydro Jetter heads come in various sizes to fit different pipes, from 1.25” wide to 36” wide. Whether it is a clogged sink, tub drain, or your main sewer line, our drain cleaning plumbers will hydro jet the inner surfaces until they seem new again.

The drain cleaning benefits of hydro-jetting include:

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